If you have questions about installing Pontoon on Debian or Ubuntu, you can contact us:

If you have a question about Pontoon itself (how to use it, etc.), you can:

More information here:


If you found a bug in a script provided by the Pontoon Debian project, please open an issue on Github.

If you found a bug in Pontoon itself, please open an issue on the Mozilla bug tracker.

Pull Requests

If you want to improve this manual or the distributed scripts, feel free to open a pull request on Github.

Building the Documentation

This manual is written using Sphinx. To build it, you will need Python and to install some dependencies.

To install all dependencies, you can use the requirements.txt file:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you will be able to build the doc with the following command:

make html

The result goes to the build/html/ folder.