Getting Pontoon

We provide both:

  • Prebuilt Pontoon tarball releases,

  • and scripts to build your own Pontoon releases.

Prebuilt Pontoon Debian Tarball

The simplest way to get Pontoon is to download the prebuilt tarballs.

We have two types of prebuilt tarball releases:

  • “stable” releases,

  • and nightly builds.

The “stable” releases are built from Pontoon’s master and are then tested on our side and the migration from the previous stable release is documented. This is the recommended versions to use in production. To download the “stable” releases, go to our release page on Github:

The nightly builds are automatically generated every night and are not tested nor documented. They should be used only for testing purpose. You will find nightly builds as artifacts of the Github Actions pipelines :


  • You can only download nightly builds from the last 14 days.

  • You must be connected to your Github account to download artifacts.

Building Pontoon Debian Tarball

First install some dependencies:

sudo apt install git python3 python3-dev python3-venv nodejs npm

Then clone the Git repository and navigate to it:

cd pontoon-debian

Finaly build the tarball with the following command:



  • PONTOON_REV is any valid revision or reference in the Pontoon’s repository (e.g. master, 87697b7b,…)

  • VERSION is a version number for your release tarball (e.g., 2021.05.05.0,…)


./ master

The output goes to dist/pontoon_<VERSION>.tar.gz.