Installing YOGA

Linux (Sources)

To install YOGA from sources, you will have to install some build dependencies first.

On Debian / Ubuntu, you can install everything you need using the following command:

sudo apt install build-essential cmake python3 python3-dev python3-pip python-setuptools

From PyPI

To install YOGA from PyPI following command (as root on Linux):

pip3 install yoga

From this repository

Then clone the repository:

git clone

Go to the project’s directory:

cd yoga

Build and install using the following command:

python3 install


Windows Standalone Releases

The simplest way to use YOGA on Windows is to download the latest standalone build here:


You will have to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribuable for Visual Studio 2019 to run YOGA. You will find more information in the Zip you downloaded or in this document.

Building YOGA on Windows

If you need YOGA as a library or if you really want to build it yourself, look in the winbuild/ folder of the source repository folder.