Pontoon Debian v2021.12.06

Release Details

Migration Instructions

There is no specific migration instruction, just follow the Migration Guide.


  • [enhancement] Notify project Translators when suggestions are submitted (#2093)

  • [bugfix] Set user-select: none for non-printing chars in original string (#2293)

  • [enhancement] Add project+locale specific insights (#2303)

  • [bugfix] URLs truncation in resource comments lead to broken URLs (#2243)

  • [bugfix] Fluent: DATETIME() is not highlighted as a placeable in source (#2345)

  • [bugfix] Concordance search not reset properly after translation submission (#2275)

  • [enhancement] Add ability to opt-out of notifications by type (#2064)

  • [enhancement] Add missing-placeholder warnings for Android strings.xml & don’t always ignore warnings (#2323)

  • [bugfix] Set direction attribute on placeables (#2267)

  • [bugfix] Change SYSTRAN Translate URL (#2358)

  • [enhancement] Flatten Fluent select messages more (#2366)

  • [bugfix] Create locale directories with the right separator (#2277)

  • [bugfix] Remove legacy redirect for en-US locale (#2378)

  • [enhancement] Add ability to reveal adjacent strings (#2066)

  • [enhancement] Add Time to review suggestions chart (#2262)